Frequently Asked Questions

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NIAGEN® is the trademarked name for Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). NR is a natural product that is present in milk. What’s more, a panel of scientific experts unanimously found that NIAGEN®, a nature-identical nicotinamide riboside, is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in accordance with regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GRAS status means that nicotinamide riboside is safe to use in foods and beverages. NIAGEN® has also received New Dietary Ingredient status from the FDA.

Rigorous testing in numerous in vitro and in vivo toxicology studies has confirmed the safety of nicotinamide riboside at the recommended dose level of 3 mg/kg of body weight per day or 180 mg/day for an adult. Safety of intake has been validated in two clinical trials of human subjects consuming up to 1000 mg/day as a single dose and at 1000 mg/day for 6 weeks.

In two clinical trials with intakes up to 1000 mg/day, no clinically meaningful adverse effects attributed to the consumption of NR were reported. Although adverse side effects were not attributed to NR ingestion during clinical trial. As with if any form of supplementation, if you experience any prolonged discomfort or side effects discontinue use and consult your health care provider.

NR was first identified in 1940’s, however it was not available as an ingredient until recently. Earlier forms of vitamin B3 were discovered in the late 1930’s and they addressed various health issues such as pellagra. Since that time, NAD+ has been more widely studied in the scientific community and the role of NR as NAD+ precursor in humans has become better understood.

Over a decade of pre-clinical research has been conducted on NR with the first human clinical study published recently. There are at least 13 additional human clinical trials planned and/or currently underway.

NR is a naturally occurring nutrient found in trace amounts of milk. Other milk-derived products such as whey and yeast-containing foods are also presumed as natural sources of NR, but you would need to consume around 100,000 glasses of milk to achieve the human study quantities proven to significantly boost NAD+.

The NR available as an ingredient today is a nature identical, synthesized version, meaning that it is identical structurally and functionally to naturally occurring NR.

Take two capsules (250mg) every morning with or without food. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

TRU NIAGEN is manufactured in California under cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, enforced by the FDA, and is certified by the NSF, a leading independent public health and safety organization. Each lot undergoes rigorous third party testing to confirm purity.

TRU NIAGEN is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

NIAGEN® is the first and only commercially available, patented form of nicotinamide riboside. Each capsule of TRU NIAGEN contains 125 milligrams of NIAGEN®.

The NIAGEN® in TRU NIAGEN is proven to boost levels of NAD+, a coenzyme found in all living cells*. NAD+ plays a key role in cell function within the “powerhouses of the cell,” the mitochondria. Mitochondria produce energy for our cells, and play an important role in the aging process. A deficiency of NAD+ is one of the main causes of cellular aging and breakdown.

Everyone is different and responds to TRU NIAGEN in their own unique ways. Some people feel greater energy, deeper sleep and more mental alertness in just a few days. For others, noticing a difference in overall vitality and wellness can take longer or be more subtle. It's important to note that whether you feel immediate effects or it takes a little while to notice, NIAGEN® works at a cellular level, proven to increase NAD+ levels.

Trammell, S. A., Schmidt, M. S., Weidemann, B. J., Redpath, P., Jaksch, F., Dellinger, R. W., . . . Brenner, C. (2016). Nicotinamide riboside is uniquely and orally bioavailable in mice and humans. Nature Communications, 7, 12948. doi:10.1038/ncomms12948

NAD+ is a molecule found in every cell in the body that is used to power metabolism, construct new cellular components, resist free radical and DNA damage and send signals within the cells.It enables the mitochondria – the ‘powerhouses of the cell’ to convert the food we eat into the energy our body needs to sustain all its functions. It is also required to “turn off” genes implicated in accelerating aging processes.

Healthy mitochondrial function, is an important component of healthy human aging. Our body naturally has the ability to make NAD+ from components in the food we eat. Research in laboratory animals and people shows that as we age, levels of NAD+ declines substantially. This decline leaves us at greater risk for neuro and muscular degeneration, declines in our cardiometabolic health and our capacity for repair and resiliency.